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If you’ve been a AAA Roadside member for any time and have had to call in because you needed towing or roadside assistance, you can probably attest to the fact that it takes quite a while for a tow truck operator to provide service. Well, just know that you’re not alone. In an article by the Tampa Bay Times, they address this issue stating, “The roadside assistance service is struggling with longer response times and staffing challenges.”

The author goes on to describe an experience that one of AAA’s long-time members had while driving on the freeway. Her 2018 Toyota Highlander experienced engine problems in the middle of the road but service didn’t arrive until more than three hours later. AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said, “As a result, [of traffic returning to pre-pandemic levels] we are experiencing longer response times in some areas, in addition to higher demand…we are addressing staffing challenges.”

If you are a AAA member and have experienced similar wait times or less than professional service, we have some good news. Rather than calling AAA and waiting in a long line, you can simply call Bozeman Road Rescue. Our company is a local family-owned business that takes pride in providing prompt and professional towing services to motorists traveling in and around Bozeman, Montana.  So, instead of dealing with the frustration of waiting and not knowing when a towing contractor sent by your roadside insurance company will arrive, give us a call. We’re right around the corner and can be there in a matter of minutes. If your concern is the fear of being overcharged for towing services, rest assured that we have very affordable, budget-friendly towing rates.  Besides, if you’re insured through AAA, then you can simply give them your paid receipt for reimbursement. How simple is that? So, whether you need your Toyota transported, your Honda moved, or you’re looking for dependable Mercedes towing, call Bozeman Road Rescue for fast, affordable, family-friendly service.

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Towing And Roadside Assistance, Bozeman Montana

If you’re a frequent traveler who drives more than 15,000 miles each year you may be enticed into becoming a member of one of the dozens of roadside assistance companies that exist today. With statements such as “Your In Good Hands,” and “Like a Good Neighbor,” many motorists have bought into the idea that they’re better off paying for something that they don’t necessarily need in order to feel secure when they’re out of their element. This thinking goes hand in hand with the fear that, if they don’t use the towing company their roadside assistance company is contracted with they’ll pay much more than they should for the services provided. However, when you compare what you spend for insurance versus the towing services you need – over the course of a decade – you’ll soon come to realize that you’ve been bamboozled by your insurance company.

It’s a hard fact of life but AAA Towing roadside assistance insurance is a for-profit business. In order for that company to survive and thrive, they need to make a profit off of the insurance they sell you for roadside assistance. Most motorists look at the $99 dollars or $149 dollars they spend each year as a shield against being raked across the coals by a local towing company. The reality is, that motorists are receiving less than stellar service and waiting longer than usual wait times precisely because AAA pays the towing companies they contract with 40% to 60% of what retail customers pay. With the current rise in inflation, those percentages are dwindling even further.

Most motorists only utilize the services of a towing company once every 5 years. And, the average service call is around $85 dollars. This means that you’re paying an average of $17 dollars per year if you call a towing company direct, $85 ÷ 5 = $17. However, if you pay AAA $119 every year for 5 years you’re doling out $595 dollars, for a service you may never use. The other consideration is the value of your time. Is it worth it to you to wait 3 hours, as in the case above, just to “save” a few dollars in the short term? If not, we suggest that you simply call Bozeman Road Rescue. We’re a family-owned, family-friendly towing company that’s been providing towing and roadside assistance to the motorists of Bozeman, Montana for more than 20 years. So, whether your car is stuck in a snow bank or you need a tire change, contact Bozeman Road Rescue.


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AAA Roadside BozemanWinching Service

If you’re a regular here in Bozeman, you know that the road conditions can turn bad really fast. Ice, snow, and the wind can come in quickly and even the best driver can be caught off guard and find himself in a ditch. If you end up stuck in the snow contact Bozeman Road Rescue for fast and affordable winching service.

AAA Roadside BozemanFamily Friendly Towing

Our family has been proud residents of Bozeman, Montana for more than 20 years. The way we look at it is it’s our family serving yours. So, rest assured that, if you need towing or roadside assistance, we will provide the highest quality service with attention to detail. Because we truly care about the customers we serve.

AAA Roadside BozemanDamage Free Towing

At Bozeman Road Rescue, our priority is ensuring that your car is transported intact and damage free. That’s why we utilize an 8-point tie-down system when towing your vehicle on a flatbed tow truck. This system ensures that your vehicle will remain on the bed of the truck with no damage to the undercarriage, tires, wheels, or the car’s body. Contact Bozeman Road Rescue for all of your towing needs.

For faster service and quick response times call on Bozeman Road Rescue. We are professional, experienced roadside assistance providers who pride ourselves on our response times and attention to every detail. In this fast-paced world, you need someone you can rely on when you’re experiencing difficulties with your vehicle. Bozeman Road Rescue would like to be that company. If you have any questions about the towing or roadside assistance services we provide, or if you simply want to speak with the owner to get a feel for how we conduct business, please don’t hesitate to call by clicking the button below. Thank you.