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Bozeman Montana’s Premier Towing and Roadside Assistance Service

Towing Service Bozeman

Bozeman Montana’s Premier Towing and Roadside Assistance Service







Now that you’re here, you’re in good hands.

We understand that being stranded on the side of the road, or simply being without your wheels can be a very stressful situation. At Bozeman Road Rescue, we take your vehicle problems very seriously. So, don’t let a minor inconvenience like car problems ruin your day.

We are a full-service towing and recovery business who proudly serves the residents and motorists of Bozeman Montana. Our tow truck operators are WreckMaster Certified and trusted by the Montana State Highway Patrol, Gallatin County Sheriff’s Department, The Bozeman Police Department, and dozens of prominent car dealerships and automotive repair shops in the area.

We are a family-owned and operated business, with roots going back nearly two decades here in the Bozeman area. We offer flatbed towing, roadside assistance, police towing, accident recovery, and more. Call Bozeman Road Rescue for all your towing service needs.

And, while you’re here…go ahead and take a look at what our customers are saying about the work we do. 


Looks Like We Gave Them Something To Talk About!


Josh has helped us out a few times now, and each time we walk away really happy with the service. Awesome peeps with big hearts. I recommend 1000%


I locked my self out of my truck at Costco with alot of frozen food inside the hot truck.  I called Bozeman Road Rescue and 10 minutes later my truck was unlocked.


Josh to the rescue! This is the only tow service I trust with all of my vehicles. I would recommend Bozeman Road Rescue over any other towing company in Bozeman.


IDEAL experience. Excellent, fast and honest. I firmly believe that this IS the best towing business in town. If you need help, call them, you won’t be disappointed.

Hannah Alexis, Verified Google Review

So fast and reliable! They were so understanding to my circumstances and didn’t make me feel like an idiot. I’d call them again for sure. Like right now, cause I locked myself out again!

Kaycee Dee Burden, Verified Facebook Review


Bozeman, Montana

Towing-Service-Bozeman-Montana-4-door-Flatbed-tow-truckRoom For Family

Introducing the newest addition to our fleet, Rescue 8, a 2020  International four-door flatbed tow truck. Not only will your SUV ride in style, there’s room for the entire family.

Towing-Service-Bozeman-Montana-Equipment-Transport-2Equipment Towing

When you need a bobcat or forklift transported to a job site, count on Bozeman Road Rescue to do the job right. We know your time is valuable and can pick up and drop off at a moment’s notice.

Towing-Service-Bozeman-Montana-motorcycle-transportMotorcycle Transport

If you are having motorcycle problems and need a tow, call Bozeman Road Rescue. We use soft straps and extra padding to ensure your bike sustains zero damage during the tow.

Towing-Service-Bozeman-Montana-Low-Profile-TowingLow Profile Towing

Do you drive a Corvette? These and other vehicles ride low to the ground. We use a combination of a ramping system and a flatbed that can accommodate your needs.

Towing-Service-Bozeman-Montana-Snow-Emergency-Towing-2Snow Emergency

The winters in Montana can be brutal when driving. With nearly 20 years of experience in towing and recovery, you can trust Bozeman Road Rescue will be there when you need us. Call for your wrecker now.

Towing-Service-Bozeman-Montan-Car-Breakdown-ServiceCar Breakdown Service

When you have car problems you’ll need to first look for a safe place to pull over. Then, turn on your flashers and call us. 406-581-4028 Bozeman Road Rescue at your service.

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We Insist On Using Safe Towing Procedures

Safety While In Tow

We’re sorry to break the bad news, but there’s almost a 100% guarantee that you’ll experience a car breakdown issue of some kind in your lifetime. And…if you fail to properly maintain your vehicle, car problems will continue to plague you.

But, here’s something you should seriously think about. When you do have a car breakdown or are involved in a motor vehicle collision, you must be discriminative when choosing which towing company to come to your aid. Why? Because many tow companies simply don’t put as much thought and emphasis into safely securing your vehicle while in tow.

Is Your Towing Company Safe?

Did you know that not all towing companies insist on using safe operating procedures while towing? It’s true. Whether loading, towing or unloading your vehicle, there are specific tasks a tow truck operator must perform in order for your vehicle to be secure. And, although the safety and security of your car or truck are important, what’s even more important is the safety of the other motorists on the road while your vehicle is being towed.

Eight-Point-Tie-Down System

At Bozeman Road Rescue, our tow truck operators are trained to use an 8-point tie-down system when towing a vehicle on a flatbed tow truck. Initially, when your vehicle is winched onto the deck of our truck it is only secured with one point of contact. However, a vehicle should never be towed if the winch cable is the only thing securing it to the bed. To ensure your car is secured to the deck, we use ratchet straps on the front and rear of all four tires. This way, if one ratchet strap fails, there are 7 others available to keep your vehicle from coming off of our tow truck.


Safety Chains

When towing with the use of both a wrecker and flatbed, our tow truck operators are trained to use two safety chains.  Safety chains are loose fitting chains that attach to your vechicle and our truck, and are simply an added measure of security, should something go wrong. For example, if the hydraulics were to fail, or some other mishaps were to occur, thanks to safety chains, your vehicle would stay connected to our tow truck. If no safety chains were used, your vehicle would become a traffic hazard that could potentially harm other motorists.

The next time you see a wrecker around town take a look to see if they’re incorporating the use of safety chains.




Wrecker Safety Chains


For your safety and the safety of others, always insist that your car is towed with the use of safety chains.