Car Breakdown

We received a call from a young couple traveling through the area stranded on the roadside in their black Toyota Hybrid. For anonymity purposes, we’ll call them Jake and Emily Anderson. The couple set out on a great outdoor adventure, starting in Idaho and heading to Dickson, North Dakota. As they cruised through the Gallatin National Forest just before dusk, their Toyota started to spit and sputter. Then, they lose all power but are able to safely pull over as close to the shoulder as they can get.

Stranded on the roadside, Jake immediately searched for a local towing company that offers towing services. Fortunately for Jake, our team at Great Divide Towing is ready to spring into action and provide immediate towing assistance. Because of our excellent reputation for delivering top-notch towing services for light—and medium-duty vehicles, he called us.

Within minutes, our highly skilled, understanding and safety-oriented tow truck operator swiftly arrived, safely loaded their Toyota and towed the car to the local repair shop. Because it was after hours, our driver helped them allocate lodging for the night.

Our team at Great Divide Towing is an affordable solution for all your emergency roadside breakdown situations. Whether you need a tow for your bike, car, truck, SUV, or all-wheel drive vehicle for backcountry recovery, accident towing, or a flat tire, we are the professionals to get the job done fast, safely and damage-free.

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Emergency Towing Services Bozeman

We all love them—scenic drives through unknown lands. It’s mesmerizing, relaxing, and downright fun. But it’s scary and frustrating when you are on an unknown land and experience a vehicle breakdown, whether for your car, truck, SUV, all-wheel drive, or EV. Not knowing who to call for help can make you feel tiny and alone.
Here at Bozeman Road Rescue, our understanding crew is always standing by, ready to swiftly respond to your unfortunate emergency towing needs. Our team will quickly respond to your unfortunate situation. We use only the best equipment, and our trucks are modern, well-kept, and clean. Our tow truck operators are highly skilled and experienced, with years of training and experience under their belts. They are committed to providing the highest customer service in any industry.
As a family-owned business in Bozeman, Montana, we offer a dependable 24-hour full-service towing company. Therefore, for the entire county of Gallatin, Montana, we are ready to provide towing services whether you need a short or long-distance tow, flatbed towing service, accident tow, or even roadside assistance from a tire change to gas delivery and a jump start.


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Car-Breakdown-Motorcycle-TowingMotorcycle Towing

When you need a motorcycle towing service, call Bozeman Road Rescue to see how we can help. Our detail-oriented tow truck operators will treat your bike with the care and respect it deserves.

Car-Breakdown-Roadside-AssistanceRoadside Assistance

As a reliable resource team that offers towing, accident towing, winching, and recovery services, we also provide affordable roadside assistance services that include tire change, jumpstart, unlock, gas delivery, and more. Getting you back on the road fast is our job, and we do it well.

Car-Breakdown-3Here When You Need Us The Most

When you are stranded, no matter the time of day or night, holiday, extreme heat, cold, or a blizzard, our team at Bozeman Road Rescue is always prepared to take on all your roadside frustrations when you need it the most.

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