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Do you have power equipment you’ve rented and need it transported to your home for a DYI project? Maybe you need equipment moved from a job-site to another and need a helping hand to keep your team working? Call us, Bozeman Road Rescue. With our secure flatbed tow truck, we can transport anything from a small bobcat to even farm equipment. Our team of skilled drivers is ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Welcome to Bozeman Road Rescue! You can always count on us when you need us. We are on time, anytime, every time. Rest assured knowing you’ve found the best in Bozeman, Montana. Our team wholeheartedly will provide you with the best and most reliable service possible. Over the years, our company has worked with numerous customers. Each situation is unique. Instead of delivering a flat response to each situation, our technicians will cater to their responses and solutions directly to your individual problem. Bozeman road Rescue is a full-service, licensed towing and recovery company, located in Gallatin County. With a stellar reputation as Bozeman’s premier towing service, Bozeman Road Rescue works diligently to ensure prompt, courteous, and dependable service for all our customers.

With that said, calling us for all your towing and transporting needs is a winning solution.


Bozeman, Montana

Equipment-Transport-Bozeman-Road-Rescue-Bozeman-Montana-2TRANSPORT SERVICE

Forklift, bobcat to small farm equipment, our team can transport your equipment with ease. You can schedule the service you need in advance or call us at the time you need your equipment moved.

Equipment-Transport-Bozeman-Road-Rescue-Bozeman-Montana-5PROFESSIONAL SERVICE

With more than 20 years of experience in the towing industry, we have seen it all. Our team is WreckMaster Certified. We wholeheartedly believe the safety of our customers and their needs come first.

Equipment-Transport-Bozeman-Montana-Bozeman-Road-Rescue-2FLATBED TOWING

From transporting your equipment to towing your classic vehicle or picking up your SUV, with our flatbed tow trucks, we have it all covered. A damage-free tow with a friendly smile every time.

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At Bozeman Road Rescue, we provide equipment transport services that offer a significant advantage for contractors and do-it-yourself enthusiasts by saving you both time and money. For contractors, managing large-scale projects often involves the use of heavy machinery and equipment. The logistics of transporting these items can be complex and costly, especially when dealing with tight project timelines. We specialize in equipment transport, alleviating this burden, ensuring that your machinery arrives safely and promptly at the job site, and eliminating the need for you to invest in specialized transport vehicles or manage logistical challenges. For DIYers, who may occasionally need heavy equipment for home projects, we provide an affordable and convenient solution, negating the need for renting or purchasing trailers and related equipment. This not only saves money but also reduces the risk of injury or property damage associated with amateur transportation attempts. Overall, the availability of professional equipment transport by Bozeman Road Rescue streamlines project execution for both contractors and DIYers, leading to cost-effective and time-efficient project completion.