My Keys Locked In Car

Have you ever found yourself running late, juggling multiple tasks? And, while running late, have you ever grabbed your briefcase and lunch, jumped out of your car, and shut your car door behind you, locking your keys inside? We’ve all been there.  The door locks “click,” and only then do you realize you’ve locked your keys inside your car. What a feeling, am I right?

You are not alone. On average, more than 4 million people lock their keys in their cars every year. The great news is Bozeman Road Rescue is here to help. If you need help getting back into your vehicle, give us a call. Our highly skilled tow truck operator will get you back in in a matter of minutes.

Bozeman Road Rescue is always ready and available to assist you whether you need a roadside assistance service or a tow around the clock every day of the year. We are a family-owned towing business that values its customers


Keys Locked In Car


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Before you call us to retrieve your keys, take a few minutes to check a few things. Over the years, we have learned that it’s human nature when we are in a rush to miss a few simple solutions. First, go through and check to see if all your doors are locked. Second, do you have a spare key that a family member or friend could bring to you? Thirdly, is it an emergency? Do you have a child locked in your car? If you have a child locked in your car, call us immediately because this is a life-threatening situation for your child.

There’s no need to break your window, damage your paint job or call the fire company because Bozeman Road Rescue has the solution for you.
When you find yourself locked out of your give us a call to let our friendly dispatcher know your location and the make and model of your vehicle. We will send the closest tow truck to your location. Our highly experienced tow truck operator will get you back into your vehicle quickly and safely using specialized professional tools. There’s no need to stress over the price because our rates are affordable, upfront, and transparent lockout solutions you can depend on.

The safety of our customers comes first. Our top priority is getting you taken care of during a roadside breakdown fast. Whether your car wont start and you need help, you need a tow truck now, or you require some other roadside assistance service, we’re always available to help. Bozeman Road Rescue is family-owned, customer-oriented, and a 5-star wrecker company.


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Keys-Locked-In-Car-Bozeman-Road-Rescue-2Tire Change Service

Having a flat tire can be frustrating. The worst part about it is getting yourself dirty while changing. Most of us know how to change a tire but when you would rather not do it yourself, give us a call here at Bozeman Road Rescue for our professional tire change service.

Keys-Locked-In-Car-Bozeman-Road-Rescue-Bozeman-3Battery Boost

Did you leave your lights on, or maybe you have an old car battery and need a jump start? You’ve come to the right place. With our professional-grade jumper cables, we can jump-start your car in the driveway, garage, parking lot on the street.

Keys-Locked-In-Car-Bozeman-Road-Rescue-Bozeman-4Towing Services

From SUV, all-wheel, four-wheel drive to classic car and even motorcycle towing are the types of vehicles we tow. Whether you are a residential motorist or commercial motorist, you can trust us to safely tow your vehicle where it needs to be on time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Trucks Are Primed And Ready To Go 24/7

So, if you lock your keys inside your car and would rather have a helping hand from someone who’s unlocked thousands of cars, give us a call. Our fee is minimal especially compared to the damage you can cause to your car’s interior and paint if you were to attempt to retrieve your keys yourself. Don’t let a mistake that happens to thousands of people every day cause you to make a mistake and cost you much more in vehicle repairs. Instead, call Bozeman Towing to provide fast and affordable unlock car service.